BUS230_Assignment 5_QUESTION PAPER_Group 04_Spring2021

BUS230_Assignment 5_Version O4 (20%)
This document contains the questions and content for BUS230 Assignment 5.
Your answers should be typed on the Answer Sheet, provided in the same FOLDER on your
Moodle page. You will only submit the answer sheet on Turnitin, typed and saved as a Word or
PDF file.
Note: There are four main tasks (A, B, C, and D).
TASK A. What is the main difference between Direct Citations (Short & Long Quotations) and
Indirect Citations (Paraphrasing and Summary)? (Your answer should be minimum 50 and
maximum 100 words) (20p)
TASK B. Read the following in-text citations.
a. Identify if the in-text citation is a 1) Long, 2) Short Quotation, or 3) Paraphrase/Summary.
b. Explain why.
Write your answers on your answer sheet. (50p)

  1. All technology media are connected to the internet network to bring together school counsellors and
    students in virtual counselling so that the counselling service process can right apply. This counselling
    service pattern can also be called cyber counselling. The success of cyber counselling is measured client
    satisfaction (Zainudin & Yusop, 2018).
  2. Crucially, innovations do not necessarily have to be at scale: local, creative adaptations to existing
    practices can also be described as innovations (Sannino and Nocon 2008; Sternberg, Pretz, and
    Kaufman 2003). The OECD proposes the following definition of innovation in education:
    a new or improved product or process (or combination thereof) that differs significantly from
    the unit’s previous products or processes and that has been made available to potential users
    product or brought into use by the unit process. (Vincent-Lancrin, Urgel, Kar & Jacotin,
    2019, p. 17)
    Putting the economic antecedents of this definition to one side, what makes something an innovation in
    education, therefore, according to the OECD, is that it is a new idea that differs significantly from
    previous ideas and one that is taken up in a field of practices, being brought into use.
  3. Transforming assessment from face-to-face coursed to online format has also proven to be
    challenging, yet variations of current in-class activities can be converted to online. For, example,
    Campbella, Abeib, and Lucioa (2019) suggest that the one-minute paper be used to assess teaching and
    learning effectiveness with students “identifying the most important learning of the day and some
    additional or unanswered questions that the student might have” (p. 521), written in one minute as a
    brief, spontaneous student response.
  4. During the period of protests and disagreements, universities have started going online differently,
    shaped by their specific institutional contexts. This means not only designing strategies appropriate for
    specific contexts, but also being aware that technological decisions will be shaped in ways that reflect
    existing differences, alliances, discourses and perspectives in particular institutions (Murgatrotd, 2020).
  5. Previous studies recommended a developmental theory for university students that focused on the
    concept of involvement, renamed as engagement. Astin (1984) defined engagement as “the amount of
    physical and psychological energy that the student devotes to the academic experience” (p. 297).
    TASK C. Below you have been given an in-text citation that has 2 mistakes (these can be missing
    information, punctuation, or format related mistakes). Identify what the mistakes are and explain
    why they should be corrected. (10 points)
    Popular management academics and consultant/authors hold a powerful role in framing this selfunderstanding through the construction of ‘educational’ texts. Such texts offer ‘official’ rhetorical
    strategies for justifying managerial positions and warranting behavior in organizations. As Alvesson
    and Deetz note,
    “Academics, particularly those in management studies, are often viewed as ideologists. They
    serve dominant groups through socialization in business schools, support managers with ideas
    and vocabularies for cultural-ideological control at the workplace level, and provide the aura
    of science to support the introduction and use of managerial domination techniques”. (p. 84)
    In ideology critique, then, prevailing vocabularies for ideological control are exposed to critique and
    opened up to alternative readings.
    TASK D. Below you have been given a quote, the signal phrase, author last name(s), year, and page
    number. Using the information, integrate the short quotation into the blank [integrate quotation here].
    You can use the types of integration we have covered in the materials and examples; however, make
    sure you are using the appropriate format. (20 points)
  6. Quotation “Surprisingly, nearly forty years after the marketing era began, many business still
    have not adopted the marketing concept”
  7. Signal phrase lament that
  8. Last name Dibb et al.
  9. Page number (p. 12)
  10. Year (1994)
    Populist marketing writing lures the uncritical reader into a cultish sense of exclusivity made all the
    more exclusive by the fact that hardly anybody actually seems to be able to do it successfully for long
    enough to make it to the first reprint. Nameless organizations are subject to wrist slapping
    admonishment for their tardiness in adopting the marketing philosophy. [Integrate the quotation here].
    Good Luck!
    Grading Criteria Points
    TASK A The answer is grammatically correct and is based on the material covered in
    BUS230 Spring, 2020-2021. Student shows understanding of information and
    can reflect this through the answer, and has answered in their own words.
    TASK B The in-text citations have been correctly identified and the explanations have
    been given (grammatically and content-wise correct).
    TASK C The two mistakes in the in-text citation have been identified correctly.
    Both mistakes have been corrected in accordance with the material covered in
    BUS230 Spring, 2020-2021. The student has answered in their own words.
    TASK D The in-text citation has been integrated according to APA format, includes all
    of the necessary information given in the box, and uses one of the types of
    integration covered in the materials and examples of BUS230 Spring, 2020-
    Total 100
    Answers that are off topic, answers that do not relate to the material covered throughout weeks 1-
    12 of BUS230 Spring 2021, or answers not related to the student’s own section will result in the
    assignment not being considered for grading. For all other cases, late submission and plagiarism
    policies covered in the syllabus will be applied.