Conventional costing and Conventional costing system.

Please adhere strictly to the 2 imporant documents which attached in fileGrading Rubric and Part B written report structure.

Some key points to pay attention to:

  1.  Please notice that first part is address the costing system issue and causes, which I have done (please refer to documents Part A group work summary and feedback), so please just modify it refer to the feedback and use it as first part.
  2.  We need to identity and discuss TWO costing systems that can reduces the issues currently facing the frim, one is Conventional costing and second one is Other than Conventional costing system.
  3.  Ensure you describe all components of the costing system refer to the documents- Study Materials.
  4.  We are not to consider any recommendations on which of the two costing system to use or discuss which is preferable—we are required to present and discuss the TWO selected costin
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Answer Excerpt

Chrystal Moulding and Repairs Works (CMRW) manufactures a variety of products and provides a range of services to clients. To begin with, they offer moulding services, repairing services and produce customized orders as well as sell spare parts for repairs. Jessica Hunt the owner of Brian Associates Ltd an accounting firm request for assistance to investigate the problem at CMRW.

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