Create Communication Plan slides



You should click the links for the video and the document

Question 1. 500 words
Question 2. 6 slides
Question 3. Write a script the client will make a video with it. 200 words script

It is a professional paper not a student paper the content will be used in a company meeting

Additional Instructions



  1. Assignment#: Create a project plan

Watch videos

Here is the accompanying document: Click ere

Please take the information above and create a project plan in any way you see fit. Please DEO uses Airtable and Asana as project management tools, If possible.

  1. Assignment 2#: Create Communication Plan slides

Next you’ve been asked to create slides to communicate the project plan to partners. Feel free to create slides in anyway you see fit. Please note DEO uses Google Suite.

  1. Assignment 4: Create 3-5 Min Video Explaining Answers

Cretae a brief video that explains your responses and how you came to those solutions

Part  of this assignment includes coming p with the process to record your video and how you easily share it with us!

Submitting your case study


Please present the assignments above in whatever format you think is best for answering the questions above (e. g P.D.F, PowerPoint, Document, Spreadsheet, etc.) Remember we need things to be organized, accurate and aesthetically pleasing. The report will be reviewed by the key stakeholders involved in hiring for this position, including our CEO.

You may need to make some assumptions to the best of your ability. Working autonomously  and figuring things out  is a large quality we are looking for, but we also realize we might have missed some crucial details.

This is a realistic situation so the more realistic you can make your research and recommendation the better.


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Answer Excerpt


For the communication plan, I first identified the objectives for communication depending on the urgency xxxxxxxx



project plan

Alignment (Defining expectations)

Each side of the partnership will come up with their expectations of the partnership, and from there, they will come up with common goals xx


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