Effective pedagogies depend on behaviour

Assessment part one- presentation (500 words )

This will be in the form of an oral (0-10 minutes) and written presentation intended for colleagues describing and justifying (L02) the intended change in pedagogic practice. It should also evidence the development and evaluation of the intended measurements to assess the outcomes of the pedagogic change (L03). This can be in  the form of a recorded powerpoint or prezi presentation.


Assement part 2- 2500 words


This will be a written submission the describes justifies and evaluates the content of the above presentation. It should address the following:

The theoretical research that underpins and justifies the intended change in pedagogic practice (L01)

2.A reflection on the contemporary context  in which  the changes are going to take place (L01)

Critically outline and justify a plan for change in your own and colleges pedagogic practice. (L02)

Acritical and reflective justification for the developing evaluative process to asses the outcomes of the intended pedagogical change (L03).



Module Description

This module will explore theories of change and improvements in pedagogy. Participants will also be encouraged to explore their own principles and values that underpin such change, e.g. Is all pedagogic change solely about improving academic outcomes? This will allow participants to critically engage with pedagogic innovations within their own subject or responsibilities within the education setting.

Participants will be expected to produce a critically justified presentation (a Powerpoint or Prezi etc.) with in- depth commentary intended for colleagues which makes clear the academic justification for the change, intended impact and how it provides motivation for change in colleagues’ practice.

Participants will be expected to write a critical reflection on an identified area for pedagogical change in their own context or an area of education. This will include a strategy for disseminating the plan, inspiring change in colleagues and establishing agreed success criteria.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore theories and contemporary contexts for change and improvement in pedagogy.
  2. Critically outline and justify a plan for change in your own and colleagues’ pedagogic practice.
  3. Develop an evaluation methodology that could be applied to measuring the effectiveness of pedagogical changes.


start by selecting one of the topic below then the client will confirm it (The topic should be used for the report and the PPT presentation)


PLEASE USE TOIPC 2: Effective pedagogies depend on behaviour (what teachers do), knowledge and understanding (what teachers know) and beliefs (why teachers act as they do).

  1. Effective pedagogies give serious consideration to pupil voice.
  2. Effective pedagogies depend on behaviour (what teachers do), knowledge and understanding (what teachers know) and beliefs (why teachers act as they do).
  3. Effective pedagogies involve clear thinking about longer term learning outcomes as well as short-term goals.
  4. Effective pedagogies build on pupils’ prior learning and experience.
  5. Effective pedagogies involve scaffolding pupil learning.
  6. Effective pedagogies involve a range of techniques, including whole-class and structured group work, guided learning and individual activity.
  7. Effective pedagogies focus on developing higher order thinking and metacognition, and make good use of dialogue and questioning in order to do so.
  8. Effective pedagogies embed assessment for learning.
  9. Effective pedagogies are inclusive and take the diverse needs of a range of learners, as well as matters of student equity, into account.

for the slides use this structure which was provided by the lecturer

Tasks 1

Slide 1 :Title:

Slide 2: Why and what?

Slide 3 : What and how is a change is a change to going to applied?

Slide 4: what and why is the most effective form of leadership?

Slide 5: How are you going to evaluate

Slide 6: References


Additional Instructions

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Answer Excerpt

In the last few years, the education sector xxxxxxx worldwide has witnessed a rigorous pedagogic change xxxxx to meet the students’ emerging needs (Rapanta et al., 2020).xxxxxxx  The need for change is also arising from developing technology xxxxxx. The increasing students’ needs have foreseenxxxxxxx the student-centred approach in different xxxxxx education levels, especially in Western countries xxxxxxx (Rapanta et al., 2020). However, the pedagogic change hasxxxxxxx occurred differently in education levels and geography xxxxxxx (Muganga & Senkusu,2019). The shift in pedagogy is essential as it xxxxxxx helps institutions adjustxxxxx to the education sector dynamics.xxxxxxx In addition, the Covid 19xxxxxxxxx pandemic has influenced change in many institutions where teachers are working towards completing the education system amid the crisis.

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