select a business and analyze its loyalty programs

Customer Monetization: loyalty programs

To be submitted by June 11, 11:00 am via Moodle.1.

  1. In this exercise, you are required to select a business and analyze its loyalty programs. The business may be any ongoing business you choose that implements at least 2 loyalty programs. For example: a neighborhood coffee house, a fashion corporation that operates with various branches, a gym, liquor store, restaurant, etc. In case you are having difficulties in choosing the best case business, we will be happy to assist.
  2. .Describe and analyze the loyalty programs the business implements; and for each loyalty program analyze:

a. To which type of program (out of the 4 programs that appear in the presentation)the examined program qualifies?

b. What purpose does each program serve (retention, developing, engaging with new customers, other)?

c. What kind of incentives each program provides? (for example: internal and external)?

d. What are the pros and cons of each program?

3.Suggest new loyalty program you wish to recommend that business to implement, describe what is the program’s purposes(e.g., data collection, attitude toward the brand, loyalty) and in what manner it should improve customer’s monetization.

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Answer Excerpt

A customer loyalty program is a marketing strategy that companies use to reward loyal customers for their products or brands. xxxxx Customer loyalty programs are essential xxxxxx to companies since they help influence purchase frequency, xxxxx the share of wallets, retention rates, xxxxx and attitude towards brands. xxxxx Program loyalty types xxxxx depend on the amount companies are xxxxxx willing to spend and their willingness to know the consumers xxxxxx. The different customer xxxxx loyalty programs include type1, type 2, type 3, and type 4 programs (Shani-Feinstein, n.d). xxxxx

In this paper, I will look at the loyalty programs of Kyivstar xxxxx Telecommunication Company. xxxxxx Kyivstar is a Ukrainian telecommunication  xxxxx Company that was founded in Kyiv, xxxxx  Ukraine, in 1994. xxxxx It is a part of VEON, xxxxxxx one of the world’s largest xxxxxxx integrated telecommunication companies in the Netherlands. xxxxxxx The company provides communication services and xxxxxx data transmission based on the broadband range of fixed-mobile technologies, including 3 G and 4 G.xxxxxx

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