What branding decisions should a marketer consider when creating brand equity

International marketing strategy module


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Part 1: (3/4 posts in total about it)

Read figure 9.1 on page 352  of the Hollensen set text (below) regarding the factors affecting the decision to enter a foreign market. Given the number of decisions that need to be made, what are the most important issues a business has to consider when choosing to export a product or service?

Use examples when discussing this question (perhaps each example for each post?)

Part 2: (3 posts about it)

Brand equity is often thought to deal with the ‘value’ inherent within a brand. The term can define a set of brand assets and liabilities. Companies can create brand equity for their products by making products or services memorable, easily recognisable and superior in quality and reliability.

What branding decisions should a marketer consider when creating brand equity and why are consumers willing to pay more for a branded product?


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Answer Excerpt

According to Chand (2013), a firm should consider its international xxxxxxxxxx  experience and that of the managers in dealing with international markets xxxxxxxx. International experience reduces the market and cost uncertainties as the firm is aware of how these markets operate xxxxxxxx. Having experience in the international market gives a firm xxxxxxxxx an added advantage since it can xxxxxxxxxx quickly set its base in the target market. xxxxxxxxx

A firm should also manage the xxxxxxxx product complexity issue to reduce the cost of importing and increase customer value (Chand, 2013)xxxxxxxx

xxxxx (no. of words 600)

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