Team lead Marketing – Mature Markets

Interview Case
This role is leading our marketing initiatives for the international Mature
Markets (especially Europe). The following are typical questions you would
encounter in this role and we would love to hear how would approach
them. You will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present your thoughts,
followed by a discussion. Please also prepare presentation slides to be
shared during your presentation.
 When entering multiple European countries at the same time: Which
aspects of the marketing strategy do you think should be tailored by
country and which aspects should be the same across country?
 Take a look at (website) and (landing
page) – What do you think are the top 3-5 things that can be
improved? (Note: if you have a VPN that allows you to access from a
European country, you can also look at our mature markets website
instead – website and landing page
 Unlike in Germany, IU University of Applied Sciences is not yet a well
known brand. Which initiatives would you suggest to create trust and
improve IU’s footprint in the markets?
 For Social Media, there is already a strategy in place targeted towards
international emerging markets. Would you suggest a combined
strategy (emerging markets + mature markets) or a separate

it is a case where the goal is to get more students to apply to this German online bachelor and Master degree programs, mature markets in Europe are the target, plus considering emerging markets, with specific eye on USA and Africa. SO, primarily important to understand mature markets and emerging markets. Plus make suggestions, how could the website be more improved to attached students to apply immediately. There will be generous scholarships given.

the most important is the quality of the content and answerting the questions right

creative answers and approaches are most appreciated

Please answer the main 4 points and provide 10 slides presentation that answers the questions, provides speak notes, and makes best case suggestions. Please use these two frameworks to answer the questions: 1) OLI framework, assuming all answers are yes, we do not have to remain domestic, we can go international. 2) Kind regards,

Please make sure the two frameworks above OLI and CAGE are used for international marketing strategy when trying to enter a market, compare France, UK, and Sweden Or, France, UK, Italy